A Manifesto for Blockchain

Embracing its Potential in the European Union

Four leading blockchain advocacy groups in the European Union – the European Crypto Initiative, INATBA, Blockchain for Europe, and the European Blockchain Association – released a collaborative manifesto during the Blockchain for Industry Conference, organised by the EU Commission’s DG GROW. The timing is crucial considering the upcoming elections and political changes Europe will undergo in the year 2024.

A Blockchain Manifesto for Europe

Three Key Pillars


Competitiveness &

Single Market

Harnessing blockchain's potential, and developing ecosystems based on DLT networks


Social Impact & Sustainability

Embracing decentralisation and upholding EU values, fundamental rights, and rule of law




Leveraging the consolidation of the EU data economy by offering accessible digital services to public & private sectors

Our principles

Empowering Change Through Unity

We are dedicated to fostering a better future by uniting individuals and inspiring collective action.



All other stakeholders, associations and organisations interested can participate in shaping the Manifesto and the related initiatives.

European focus but global ambitions

While the Manifesto is currently focused on providing recommendations to the EU, its scope is global as Web3 is a global borderless market.



The objective is to deliver concrete recommendations and organise events and initiatives to showcase our vision. 

Launch event in November 2023

The four leading blockchain advocacy groups in the European Union collaborated to release a manifesto at the Blockchain for Industry Conference, organized by the EU Commission’s DG GROW.

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Publications & Position Papers

Check our latest joint publications, letters and position paper.

Sustainable Regulation Roundtables: Expert Insights and Pathways Forward

We collected input from a series of expert engagements to understand the challenges of addressing sustainable regulation and the role of technological innovation in this quest.

Open Letter on Data Act and Regulation of Smart Contracts

We collaborately submitted an Open Letter about Concerns and Proposed Refinments Regarding the Regulation of Smart Contracts in the Data Act to the EU regulators.

Joint response to ESMA consultation on sustainability indicators for crypto-assets

We collected input from our members to submit a joint response to ESMA's consultation on the sustainability indicators for crypto-assets, as part of its mandate under MiCA.

Letter on the application of PSD and MiCA rules to EMTs

We've sumitted a joint industry letter urging clarification on the application of PSD provisions to Electronic Money Tokens (EMT) as defined under the MiCA Regulation.

Article on Blockchain for Sustainability

We published a joint article providing an overview of Blockchain for Climate Action and Sustainability, looking at different use-cases and projects that showcase the technology's potential to help our fight against climate change. 

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